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Beverage Cap
The caps retain the freshness and health properties of the drink for a long time. They can also be marked with the manufacturer’s logo, which promotes the product. Corked with their help, the container opens quickly and easily, requiring no special effort.

Types of caps by appointment:

  • Standard. Have screw system and tear-off ring as an opening control. They are used for corking bottles and vials with various contents: food, chemical, cosmetic
  • Sports. Caps used to seal containers with non-carbonated liquid. Their feature is a convenient spout with a retractable valve that allows you to consume the contents without removing the cap


Bottle caps made of plastic or glass. The use of molds as well as selected raw materials allows for the strongest, most durable product possible.

Main characteristics

  • strength, chemical resistance
  • resistance to temperature fluctuations
  • increased resistance to damage
  • safety, environmental friendliness
  • tightness
  • functionality

Minimum order: 1 ton

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