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Stretch film
Stretch film is a stretchable plastic film used to package any goods or cargoes, particularly on pallets.


Stretch film can be used in both domestic and industrial applications (from housewives in home kitchens to large manufacturing plants and transportation companies).

Main characteristics

Food stretch film is made of absolutely safe material. It has no adverse effect on the food and is odorless. The thin fabric is breathable: it lets oxygen into the package, so the packaged food stays fresh and does not spoil for a long time. At the same time, the film does not let odors pass through and the food does not absorb flavors of other products.

Technical stretch film differs from the foodstuffs strength. It is used to pack large amounts of goods and when forming pallets. The density of the material allows you to pack large heavy loads, with an uneven surface. The fabric is impervious to moisture, dust, or dirt. It protects the packaged goods from shocks and damages, and does not tear under load. Thanks to this, the goods remain intact and retain their appearance.

Minimum order: 1 ton

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