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Shrink PE film

Heat shrinkable five-layer film, which is a polymer composition of HDPE, LDPE and metallocene PE.


The film is used for individual packaging (books, magazines, metal goods, piece goods made of plastic, household appliances, climate control equipment, tools), group packaging (beverages, canned foods, pharmaceuticals) and pallet packaging (building materials, beverages, canned foods, printed matter)

Main characteristics

  • High rigidity and elasticity
  • Excellent protective functions (impact strength, tensile strength)
  • High welding characteristics

Also depending on the modifying composition (additives) the film can have a number of improved properties:

  • Antistaticity
  • Increased slip resistance
  • Antiblock (increased surface roughness and therefore no sticking between layers)
  • Resistant to UV radiation
  • Anticondensation properties
  • High temperature resistance (packaging of hot products)
  • Temperature resistance to frost (maintains durability, elasticity and flexibility at temperatures down to -60 C)

Minimum order: 5 tonnes

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