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Shrink film
Sleeve, n/sleeve, sheet, maximum width 2200 mm, thicknesses from 0.04 to 0.2 mm. It is possible to apply flexographic printing to the films.


Heat-shrinkable polyethylene films corresponding to GOST 25951-83 are designed for group packaging of various goods and have certain characteristics and compliance standards. Here are the main characteristics of such films:

Material type: Films are made of high or low pressure polyethylene, which gives them flexibility and good heat shrinkability.

Thickness: The thickness of the films can vary according to GOST 25951-83, usually measured in microns.

Shrinkability: Films have the ability to shrink and wrap around packaged goods when heated, providing secure group packing.

Colours: The films can be transparent or dyed in a variety of colours depending on customer requirements or the purpose of the package.

Application: Shrink polyethylene films conforming to GOST 25951-83 are used in various industries for group packaging of products such as food, beverages, household chemicals, cosmetics, electronics, etc.

Compliance with standards: The film complies with all requirements established by GOST 25951-83 to guarantee their quality and safety in use.

Thus, shrink polyethylene films conforming to GOST 25951-83 provide a reliable and effective solution for group packaging of goods in accordance with established quality and safety standards.

Minimum order: 1 ton

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