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Big bags

Soft polypropylene containers are single-use containers for packing, storage and transportation of bulk products. They have different design and carrying capacity, are made of durable polypropylene fabric with UV stabilizer. Big-bags protect the cargo from harmful influence of external environment factors (dirt, moisture, sun rays), keeping their properties in a wide range of temperatures (from -60°С to +60°С).


Big-bags are designed for storage and transportation by all modes of transport (including cargo operations), as well as protection against external factors of products (loose, granular, bagged, lumpy, some liquids) in the following industries:

  • Construction industry (cement, lime, crushed stone, sand, expanded clay, marble chips, etc.)
  • Metal rolling industry (shot, grinding balls, pellets)
  • Mining industry (ore)
  • Agricultural industry (grains, soybeans)
  • Chemical industry (mineral fertilizers, sulfur, coagulants, soda, etc.)
  • Food industry (soda, salt, sugar)
  • Timber industry (sawdust)
  • Petroleum industry (bitumen)

Main characteristics

  • Stability with respect to rapid temperature fluctuations
  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable
  • Chemical and biological resistance
  • Low cost and low weight
  • Variety of design options (straps / straps, the presence of PE liner, etc.)

Minimum order: 1000 pieces

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