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Staple fiber

In addition to polyester, polypropylene staple fiber is used for the production of nonwoven fabrics. The products offered are short staple, stark (i.e. without dyes added) fibers with linear density from 0.22 tex to 2.2 tex with cut lengths of 66 mm and 83 mm.


Polypropylene fiber is widely used in construction:

  • in the production of foam concrete and other cellular concrete
  • production of concrete structures, decorative concrete
  • Construction of bridges, roads
  • Production of construction mixtures, plasters, mortars

Main characteristics

  • The fiber has a low production cost
  • The fiber is not susceptible to corrosion and rapid aging
  • Fiber does not weigh concrete structures
  • Concrete with the addition of fiber becomes resistant to mechanical abrasion, it has reduced water permeability and thermal conductivity
  • Fiber is completely harmless and therefore can be used in the construction of both industrial and residential buildings

Minimum order: 10 tonnes

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