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Polypropylene fittings

Polypropylene fittings are designed for the installation of internal systems of cold, hot water supply and heating, as well as in technological pipelines, transporting liquids and gases that are not aggressive to materials of pipes and fittings.

Minimum order: 10 tonnes


Fittings are the perfect solution to ensure a secure and leak-free connection in your plumbing system. They are made of high quality materials, which guarantees durability and reliable performance for many years.


Fittings play an important role in creating reliable and efficient plumbing systems. Whether it is a domestic water supply or an industrial network, our fittings will ensure a reliable connection between the different elements of the system.

Main features

Materials: The fittings are made of durable materials with a high degree of corrosion resistance. This guarantees a long service life and maintains the quality of the connections even in conditions of high humidity and chemical activity.

Variety of types: We offer a wide range of fittings, including various types of connections such as angle and straight connectors, tees, transitions and others. You'll be able to find the elements you need to create complex configurations and pipe diameter transitions.

Easy installation: Fittings are designed with ease of installation in mind. They provide a simple and quick connection, saving you time and effort when installing your plumbing system.

Tightness: Our products guarantee a tight connection between system components. This eliminates the possibility of leaks and ensures that your plumbing system works perfectly.

Minimum order: 1 ton

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