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Polyethylene multilayer pipes

Tubes for cable protection systems and fiber optic communication lines
Ø 110 — 450 mm in accordance with specifications TU 22.21.21−002−16 073 610−2019.


Used to protect the cable.

Main characteristics

  • Cost-effectiveness — the possibility of using less expensive cable products and making cable replacements with less labor costs
  • Permanent sealing throughout the entire service life — at least 50 years
  • Resistance to any loads (static and dynamic)
  • Low roughness coefficient of the inner wall
  • High resistance to chemicals — no corrosion, sediments, buildup
  • Environmentally safe at all stages — from production to operation
  • High reliability of connections, even under seismic loads
  • Speed — reduced timing of work by several times
  • Practicality — easy to install due to flexibility and low weight

Minimum order: 5 tonnes

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