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Steam and waterproofing materials, windproofing films, profiled membranes

High-tech products for waterproofing foundations, strengthening walls, floors and ceilings, protection of insulation against moisture and steam, insulation of houses.


Vapor barrier films: most often used on pitched roofs, wooden partitions, floors with concrete base, in the walls of frame houses, as well as when insulating facades from the outside of the building. The adhesive tape on the edge of the film provides easy and quick installation, improves heat and wind protection, protects against drafts.

Vapor permeable membranes: most often used in the construction of insulated pitched roofs, in the walls of frame houses, as well as in ventilated facades with insulation, installed outside the building.

Main characteristics

Vapor barrier films:

  • Material that does not let steam and water
  • Protection of insulation and supporting structures of the building from the effects of atmospheric precipitation and condensation

Vapor permeable membranes:

  • Material that does not let water in
  • And protects the insulation from precipitation and ensures that vapor penetrating into it from the living space

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