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Carpeting is a modern floor covering that replaces rugs and mats, which for many years served to create warmth and comfort in the home.


Floor coverings.

Main characteristics

Carpeting is a complex layered structure:

  • pile
  • primary substrate
  • connecting layer
  • secondary substrate

Carpet pile may be short (less than 0,3 cm), middle (0,3 - 0,8 cm) and long (0,8 - 2 cm). An important indicator of carpet quality is the density of pile - the higher it is, the better properties the product will have, it will have increased strength, resilience, insulation.

The primary base is made of synthetic raw material, on which the pile of the upper layer is fixed with a special adhesive composition on the polymer basis, forming a connecting layer of the carpet. The primary base gives the product fireproof and antistatic properties, important in the operation of the product.

The secondary substrate is the last layer, which is in direct contact with the floor. It has moisture resistance, wear resistance, reduced sound and thermal conductivity and good anti-slip properties.

Minimum order: 5 tonnes

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