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Three-dimensional (3D) geocells

3D geocell is a cellular structure made of strips of geosynthetic material which are welded together in a staggered order.


Volumetric geogrids are used in road construction, mining, agro-industry, oil industry, hydraulic engineering, railway construction.

The use of geogrid structures is recommended in the following situations:

  • strengthening of slopes, slopes and shorelines of reservoirs
  • protection from landslides and shedding during operation
  • construction of terraces and cascades
  • strengthening of paved roads and highways strengthening of railway tracks

Main characteristics

Material - polypropylene

Rib height: 5 cm

Diagonal (cell size), mm: 20 (16×16), 30 (21×21), 40 (32×32)

Minimum order: 13 tonnes

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