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Non-woven fabric. The key property of аgricultural canvas is vapor permeability. It makes the material ideal for use in agriculture as a covering and mulching material. The use of spunbond as a covering material allows you to avoid regular ventilation, and the use of spunbond mulch ensures the saturation of plant with oxygen and at the same time protects them from weeds.


Agriculture (Agro-field for mulch and plant shelter)

Main characteristics

  • Material type: SS

Density : 17-110 g/m2

Product composition : 100% polypropylene

Roll width: in agreement with the customer

Color : white, black

Product additives: UV additive


  • Hygienic — spunbond does not grow moldy, is not subject to rotting and decay under the influence of bacteria
  • Heat-resistant — spunbonded paper can withstand autoclaving, washing, steaming and other cleaning methods
  • tough — spunbond can withstand high tensile load, the threads do not break when stretched
  • environmentally friendly — spunbond does not emit any harmful substances when in service, even at high temperatures and remains safe for the environment and people
  • air permeable — this quality depends on the thickness of the material, the lower the density, the more intensive the gas exchange
  • chemically inert — a nonwoven material made of polymers does not react chemically and has no toxic effect on the environment
  • Lightweight — the polymers used in spunbond production are lighter than natural fibers

Minimum order: 2 tons

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