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Box with hinged lid wholesale

Designed for storage and transportation of goods. Approved for contact with foodstuffs. Ideal for use on automated lines and conveyors


Plastic drawer complete with sturdy hinged lid. Comfortable ergonomic handles. There are holes for sealing the contents of the box. Empty boxes are easily inserted into each other, which saves up to 70% of space in empty logistics. The 1200x800 pallet holds 4 crates. The crates can be stacked securely up to a height of 6 pieces. Logo marking on the surface of the crate is possible

Main characteristics

Material: polypropylene

Width: 400 mm

Length: 608 mm

Height: 390 mm

Volume 64l.

Color (standard): blue. We can produce other colors to order.

Maximum weight of the box contents is 30 kg. Maximum vertical load in a stack 120 kg.

Order from 1540 pcs/20 tons

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