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Polythene bags made of heat resistant films with high durability
Polyethylene bags made of heat-resistant films (up to 136 °C), high-strength films (puncture resistance)


Polythene bags made of heat-resistant films with high strength are an ideal solution for packaging goods that require high thermal resistance and resistance to mechanical damage. Here are the main characteristics of such polythene bags:

Heat Resistant: The bags are made of heat resistant films that can withstand temperatures up to 136 °C and above. This makes them an ideal choice for packaging hot products or goods that may be exposed to elevated temperatures during production or transport.

Durable and puncture resistant: Polythene bags are highly durable and puncture resistant, allowing a variety of goods, including sharp or hard objects, to be packed safely, minimising the risk of damage or loss of goods.

Flexibility: Despite their strength, the bags remain flexible and easy to use. This allows different shapes and sizes of goods to be packed with ease.

Chemical Resistance: Polythene bags can also be chemical resistant, allowing them to be used for packaging products that may come into contact with harsh chemicals or solvents.

Transparency: Some bags can be transparent, making it easier to visually inspect the contents without having to open the package.

Variety of sizes and types: Polythene bags are available in a variety of sizes and types, allowing you to choose the most suitable option for your specific packaging needs.

Polyethylene bags with high strength and heat resistance are widely used in a variety of industries including food, chemical, construction, agriculture and many more where reliable packaging is critical to the safety and security of goods.

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