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3-layer PE films for packaging of milk and dairy products
3-layer polyethylene films for packaging of milk and dairy products, with flexographic printing up to 8 colors inclusive


3-layer polyethylene films are designed for packaging milk and dairy products, and have the following characteristics:

  1. 3-layer structure: The film consists of three layers of polyethylene, which provides optimal protection of products from moisture, light and external factors.
  2. Penetration resistance: A special combination of layers provides high strength and puncture resistance, which prevents possible tears and damage to the film during packaging and transportation.
  3. Flexographic printing: The film can be flexographically printed using up to 8 colors. This allows you to apply colorful images, logos, product or brand information to the packaging, which contributes to the attractive appearance and branding of products.
  4. Transparency and visibility of the product: The film can be transparent or translucent, which allows customers to see the contents of the package and evaluate its quality.
  5. Compliance with safety standards: The film complies with established quality and safety standards for packaging products, including food.
  6. Environmental characteristics: The possibility of using environmentally friendly materials and recycling the film for a second time, which helps to reduce the negative impact on the environment.
  7. Protection from external factors: The film protects products from moisture, dust and other external factors, which contributes to the safety and long shelf life of dairy products.

Such polyethylene films are widely used in the food industry for packaging milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese and other dairy products. They provide reliable and aesthetic packaging, which is important to attract the attention of consumers and preserve the quality of products.

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