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PVC medical monofilm for packaging medicines
PVC film EP-73, EP-73C


The EP-73 film is intended for packaging medicines in cold form in blisters. The EP-73C film is intended for packaging suppositories filled in hot form.

Main characteristics

●Thickness: 0.2 to 0.8mm

●Width: as agreed with the Consumer

●Tensile strength: at least 37.3 MPa

●Water absorption: not more than 0.8 %

●Brittleness temperature: no higher than minus 30 °C

●Shrinkage when warming up 100 ° C:no more than 5 %

●Smell and taste of water extract: no more than 1.0 points

●Mass fraction of vinyl chloride: no more than 1.0 million ˉ1

●Color selection option

●The presence of a toxicological conclusion

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