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Vapor barrier

Two-layer material made of non-woven polypropylene fabric (spunbond), laminated with
with a layer of hot melt polypropylene (one side is smooth, the other side has a rough surface to trap condensation droplets and allow them to evaporate).
Atman® thermally bonded fabrics do not delaminate over time and continue to perform their function for many years, and the absence of adhesives means that no harmful chemicals are released.


Vapor barrier material designed to protect insulation and internal elements of building structures (roofs, walls and ceilings) from penetration of water vapor from inside the room. It is used to cut off the bulk of moisture-saturated vapors and prevent overwatering of thermal insulation and adjacent structures. It excludes moisture penetration into the insulation (for attic buildings).

Main characteristics

Material: polypropylene

Surface density: 50, 65 g/sq.m.

Vapor permeability: 20 g/sq.m/day.

UV stabilization: 3-4 months

Width: 1.6 m

Length: 43.75 p.m.

Area: 70 m2

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