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Polystyrene sheets

Polystyrene sheets TM Novattro - sheets of general purpose polystyrene (GPPS), transparent and lighting. The main advantage of polystyrene sheets is a lower price order compared to most analogs (acrylic, polycarbonate, etc.). Thus the general complex of consumer properties (optical properties, possibilities of mechanical and thermo-vacuum processing) meets the requirements of areas of application of the material


It is used in lighting engineering (as diffusers for lamps), advertising (for POS-materials, exhibition and trade equipment), interior design

Main characteristics

Material: Polystyrene

Width: 2050mm

Length: 3050m; 1250m (with sheet thickness less than 1.5mm)

Thickness: from 1.2mm to 4mm

Sheet structure: smooth, prism, super prism

Color: transparent, opal, black

Minimum order: 1 ton

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