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Non-woven PET geotextile

Nonwoven geotextile fabric produced by needle-punching technology of shatpel polyester fibers or a mixture of polyester and polypropylene fibers in various percentages, provided that physical and mechanical properties are preserved. It can be additionally heat-treated to increase surface density. Geotextile is a universal fabric with a high filtration index. The density and width of a roll of geotextile is selected based on the expected functionality. It is supplied in rolls, packed tightly and ready for use.


Geotextiles are used in road and railroad construction, construction of houses and dams, bridges, sports grounds and stadiums. Besides, the fabric is very popular in landscape design, for creation of inversion roofs and protection of building foundations from premature destruction.

Main characteristics

  • Material: polypropylene, polyester or their blends (PET)
  • Surface density: 100 to 1200 g/m2
  • Color: dark with shades of green, gray and brown.
  • Resistant to ultraviolet radiation.
  • Biological resistance in different soils. Does not rot, does not mold.
  • Uniform in density.
  • Roll format:
  • professional - width: 4,2, 6 m, length from 50 p.m.
  • universal - width: 2.1 m, length from 50 to 100 p.m.
  • retail - width: 1-2.1 m, length 25 p.m.

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