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Monolithic polycarbonate

Monolithic polycarbonate is a sheet of translucent polycarbonate, an optimal replacement for traditional glazing due to its unique strength (the strongest of all transparent plastics, 250 times stronger than glass), high light transmission, cold bending ability, and durability. To ensure high optical clarity and absence of foreign inclusions - Novattro monolithic polycarbonate is produced using "clean room" equipment. Novattro sheets are coated with UV-protective layer of optimal thickness and concentration on 2 sides of the sheet, providing a guaranteed service life of at least 14 years.


Monolithic polycarbonate is optimal for vandal resistant translucent facades, fences and roofs. It is used for road construction (noise screens, glazing of crosswalks), aviation, water transport and space industry (glazing of airplane cabins, helmets of astronauts), civil and industrial construction (entrance groups, architectural solutions), etc.

Main characteristics

Material: polycarbonate

Width: 2050mm

Length: 3050m; 1250m (with sheet thickness less than 1.5mm)

Thickness: from 0.5mm to 12mm (15mm to order)

Sheet structure: smooth, prism

Color: transparent, dark bronze, light bronze, terracotta, white.

Service life: 14 years

Minimum order: 4 ton

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