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Composite geomembrane

Composite geomembrane continuously reinforced with geotextile.
Geomembrane is a three-layer sandwich type material consisting of two layers of nonwoven geomembrane and LDPE (LDPE) film.
It performs the following functions: waterproofing, separation, protection, surface erosion control.


Composite geomembrane is designed for:

- full or partial waterproofing;

- creation of impervious blankets;

- separating, protective, anti-erosion layers.

Composite geomembrane is used in pure water reservoirs, in accumulators of solid and liquid domestic and industrial wastes, in accumulators of industrial wastewater, in drainage trenches, in biological ponds, in rainwater accumulators, in settling ponds, in evaporation basins, in drilling waste landfills, in tailing ponds, in ash dumps of thermal power plants, in sludge storages, in manure storages, in sludge sludge storages, in fire protection ponds, in structures of transport construction, including construction, repair, reconstruction of roads, railways, airfields, sites for various purposes (sports, for well pads, etc.), laying of pipelines, laying of pipelines, laying of wells, etc. ), pipeline laying, as well as in hydro-technical, landscape and other areas of construction

Main characteristics


type A - polypropylene, LDPE (LDPE) film not less than 200 microns;

type B - polypropylene, polyester, LDPE (LDPE) film not less than 200 microns.

Tensile strength: from 8 to 46 kN/m

Surface density: from 390 to 1000 g/m2

Width: 3.5 m, 4.2 m

Length: 30-50 m

Meets or exceeds the requirements of CH 551-82 and ODM 218.2.046.

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