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Professional building membranes and foils

Protective films and membranes of the trade mark are used to protect the insulation layer and internal elements of the building from external and internal influences - wind, humidity, steam, temperature differences, snow, condensation.
Ecological, reliable and easy to use building material. Modern equipment allows to produce the material using new technology. Multilayer membranes are joined together by thermal bonding - an environmentally friendly and more effective alternative to gluing. Thermally bonded fabrics do not delaminate over time and continue to perform their function for many years, and the absence of glue ensures that no harmful chemicals are emitted.


Widely used in roof constructions, internal and external walls and slabs.

Main characteristics

Wind and moisture protection;

Vapor barrier;


Heat-reflecting vapor barrier;

Diffusion membrane;

Material: polypropylene

High durability and protection

Waterproofing: at least 3000 mm water column

UV stabilization: 3-4 months

Width: 1.6 m

Length: 43.75 p.m.

Area: 70 m2

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