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Ropes of synthetic fibers meeting the requirements of Part XIII "Materials" of the Rules for the Classification and Construction of Ships.


For use on ships and in the production of nets and stationary nets.

Main characteristics

Ropes are produced in different diameters and from a variety of synthetic materials with cable and wire twist:

Twisted ropes:

  • Ropes up to a diameter of 12 mm can be made with four strands.
  • The breaking load of the ropes shown in the tables may be increased (depending on the material) by up to 30%
  • Capron ropes can be made with latex (water-repellent, anti-wear) impregnation
  • All types of ropes may have a lead weight inserted in them. Depending on the diameter and the customer’s wishes from 25 to 500 grams per meter

Wire ropes:

  • Dyneema ropes are made with latex (water-repellent, anti-wear) impregnation.

Mooring ropes:

  • Mooring rope fires can be made without protection and with protection against abrasion
  • We offer a special "Protector" made of braided cord 5 mm in diameter

Minimum order: 1 ton

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