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Diffusion three-layer membrane

Three-layer material of high strength consisting of two layers of polypropylene non-woven fabric separated by a layer of polymer film and thermally bonded together.
Thermally bonded fabrics do not delaminate over time and continue to perform their function for many years, and the absence of adhesives ensures that no harmful chemicals are released.


Vapor-permeable hydro-windproof three-layer membrane is designed to protect insulation, supporting elements of buildings of all types from under-roof condensation in the cold season, from wind, snow and atmospheric moisture. It is used in the structures of insulated roofs with any roof covering and walls with external insulation, including in ventilated facade systems.

Main characteristics

Material: polypropylene

Surface density: 90, 120 g/sq.m.

Vapor permeability: 850 g/sq.m/day.

UV stabilization: 3-4 months

Width: 1.6 m

Length: 43.75 p.m.

Area: 70 m2

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